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Michael Doven Photography has it covered…

Here is a collection of some of the publication covers I have done.

It is always a great honor and joy to be part of something that can be enjoyed by millions worldwide. Visit my website http://www.michaeldoven.com to read a few of the articles.

On the road again…

Here is a photograph I took of my home for the next couple of days.


I am in Las Vegas shooting a charity event, a wonderful opportunity to create great images and help others!

Are your images effective?

As I travel, speak, shoot and teach I find artists, photographers and business people all over the world seeking to improve their particular scene or area. It could be their business or brand or marketing or website or income or relationships or even how to open the right doors. Invariably there exists their current environment circumstances (scene) and a goal of a more ideal place they would like to be.

There are very specific and real action steps one can take to improve his or her life.
Identifying where you really are and where you really want to be is key to getting anywhere.
Deciding to get there regardless of all barriers is crucial as well.
A strategic simple plan of how to get from A to B is essential.
Endurance, persistence, yes, of course these help but mostly once the above is in place we come to the famous Nike slogan……JUST DO IT!
So, I have been consulting/speaking and teaching for some years now and I have just now put up a site for this Consulting type of work (as very separate activity form shooting images).
So for those who are interested in these subjects, I introduce you to Dovenconsulting.com.
May you each obtain your ideal scenes!